Jerry Topinka | Guitarist | Composer | Producer | Instructor
September 2013 Issue of Jersey Jazz Magazine
From "On the road: Gene Bertoncini Presides at Summit Workshop and Concert" written by Gloria Krolak in the September 2013 issue of Jersey Jazz magazine:
"If that weren't enough, a pair of superb guitarists who had just met, New Jersey's Jerry Topinka and Glen Cummings, from Rochester, NY, made "Green Dolphin Street" and "A Foggy Day (in London Town)," sound like the two players were old friends. I was happy to run into Topinka, a talented composer, studio man and teacher. I'd wanted to hear him since we met at the Salt Creek Grille (with Enrico Granafei) in April. Cummings, a left-hander, called Topinka "the best guitarist I have never heard." Bertoncini is his inspiration and Del Rosso modified his archtop Peerless Cremona."
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Ci ascolteremo quindi il chitarrista JERRY TOPINKA (nella 1a foto centrale a destra) che con Dusty Micale, o, Chris Plunkett, b, Tom Cottone, d e Bill Harris, ts, ci farà ascoltare "Blue Night", una sua composizione originale tratta dal CD "Summer Nights".
Jerry's CD "Summer Nights" is getting air play all over the world with great reviews.

Media name: Harry Boerman
Company name: Veluwe FM, Radio Putten, Radio Ermelo
Feedback: Great CD, we are surprized about it. Very good sound and gave it spins allready in several programms of our station. And we will give it more spins in the future. Greetings, Harry Boerman, Veluwe FM, Netherlands

Media name: Alex Pijnen
Company name: BRTO Radio
Feedback: Fantastic CD. Great stuff for our Radio Station.

Media name: John Reid
Company name: Keith Community Radio
Feedback: Thank you for sending this CD. This is a quite superb recording from first to last and the entire project is superbly crafted. Excellent new compositions from Mr. Topinka, arranged and produced with well-thought-out tempos and rythmic patterns and played with a considerable amount of skill. I can find no fault in this recording and several tracks will feature in my next Jazz Programme. Brilliant work by all concerned, there is no substitute for class. Best Wishes. John Reid. Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM. Keith. Banffshire. SCOTLAND

Media name: Peter Merrett
Company name: PBS FM 106-7
Feedback: Greetings Jerry from PBS 106-7 FM Melbourne Australia. Thank-you for sending us "Summer Nights," a truely wonderful lively album of very cool Jazz. Yes indeed it feels like a "Summer Night" to listen to. As we are the leading independent radio station here we are free of commercial and governmental restraints and as such are free to play what we want to ply. Actually it is more than that, the announcers are free to play what, when and how much they like. Here in Melbourne we are the leading Jazz/Roots station, we live stream on, also offering an archive of the previous twelve months of broadcasting. Your sophisticated stylings lend well with a show we have with Dan Nilsson called "On The Corner" every Sunday night at 8 to 10 pm. Once again thank-you for this support and of course your music. Regards, Peter Merrett, PBS 106-7 FM, Melbourne, Australia.

The Editor's Pick: Jerry Topinka's Smooth Summer Nights
Summer Nights, guitarist Jerry Topinka's new CD, brings to mind some of the better music of the 1970s, and the disk has a kind of breezy optimism that's not heard much nowadays. Topinka calls his style "groove jazz with funk feel and with improvised jazz on top," so we'll take his word for it, and just add that the groove often has a Latin accent.
Jerry Topinka with Les Paul
Remembering Les Paul,
a fellow guitarist and dear friend.
On Saturday, June 2, 2007, at the Red Bank Jazz Festival sponsored by CD101.9, Jerry was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation.
On Saturday, June 2, 2007, at the Red Bank Jazz Festival sponsored by CD101.9, Jerry was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation.